Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{aprons, spatulas & oooh la la}

Since a little girl I have watched all the older girls in my family go through all these amazing milestones in their lives...Never actually comprehending that the day would come that I would be the girl that all the attention was aimed towards! The last year has by far been the most amazing year of my life...All of my dreams are finally coming to life...There is just no way that I could have ever imagined it to be this fabulous! Here are some photos that I have of that day...

It was like Christmas!...but better! All the ladies in my life were there to celebrate with me!

You will see her masterpiece of ribbons later on when we practice our "I dos". It turned out to be quite the show stopper! 

It started out to be a pretty chilly day, but by the time we sat down...We were melting!


He made sure to show up as soon as the ladies had dispersed...So he could eat!

We saved one present for him! 

It was such a wonderful day! Thank you Molls! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{his hand would be hers to hold forever}

On July 3rd we went to Keith’s really good friend, Emily’s wedding. We had a wonderful time; it was one of those perfect days that was not too cold, but not too hot either. Keith hadn’t seen many of his friends for a while, so we both were having so much fun making up for lost time. The wedding was beautiful {Emily you made such an elegant bride} and dinner after was very lovely as well. By the time the music started {as many of you know I’m a light weight} I was feeling no inhibitions, so we went straight out to the dance floor…I danced all night with or without Keith {I can make a fool out of myself just as well all by myself too!…hehe} and then my favorite part of the night took place!....The bouquet toss! If any of you have ever been to a wedding with me, you know that I am always the first person on the floor to snatch that thing up! And I am totally willing to fight a 6 year for those flowers! Well all the ladies spread out on the dance floor and got ready…But the weirdest thing happened…I didn’t have to fight anyone! As soon as she tossed the bouquet everyone, but me took a few steps back and I was standing there all by myself ready to spring. I caught the “oh so powerful” wedding bouquet with ease! Evidently I was the only person unaware of their master plan! The rest of the night was full of fun and dancing, but eventually Keith had to drag me off the dance floor to go home. When we arrived at our house he made no clues about what he was going to do next to change our lives forever. In fact, all night I had no idea what was going to take place. So, we went upstairs and got ready for bed. I hopped into bed first and got all snuggled up {I was very tired from my dancing with the stars esque night.} When Keith finally came to bed he told me to turn my lamp on… I made a fatigued noise and asked why…He just asked me to turn it on again…and finally I gave in and decided to open my eyes and reach over to the lamp. I flicked it on and turned to him. I found that he was sitting crossed legged on the bed with his hands behind his back. My mind started reeling at that point…A million things went through my mind. I didn’t know if he was proposing or had something else interesting behind his back or just playing with me…I was very confused…Then he spoke. “I was going to do this tomorrow during the fireworks, but you caught the bouquet.” Oh my gosh…He is proposing! At that moment I didn’t know what to do…It was sort of a blur! I just couldn’t believe what was happening! He asked me to be with him forever!

{his hello was the end of her endings}

One summer day Krystal was sitting talking with her cousin at a family reunion. Brianne {Krystal’s cousin} began to tell her a story about one day when she was at her friend’s {Kelli} house.

{Kelli’s brother had a bunch of guys over and they were all talking about the new sophomore girls that would be coming to high school {Mt. View} in the fall. There was one particular girl that Kelli’s brother {Keith} was talking about that caught Brianne’s attention…. “She is so gorgeous and newly single”…She asked them again who they were talking about. They repeated Krystal Wilson. At that point Brianne immediately announced that she was her cousin!}

Brianne asked if Krystal knew Keith... Krystal did not know Keith…not yet, at least.

This whole story threw Krystal for a loop! Like any teenage girl who is going into high school she was going crazy thinking of all the older guys she was going to see…and then on top of it…A senior was talking about her! She obsessed about it for a couple weeks, but soon she had to put it aside in order to keep her sanity…Summer was not over and she wouldn’t even have a chance of an encounter for another month! The rest of her summer went by very fast and she was able to keep herself from going crazy.

When the first day of school arrived the butterflies came fluttering like mad. She spent the whole morning asking her friend {Molly} who Keith Scott was and…..where he was? Unfortunately they were in a different wing than most of the upper class students and didn’t see him….By the time her Sports D class came around in the afternoon she had given up her quest for the day…She was very disappointed when not one of her friends shared this class with her…Not even any of her new friends that she had just met that day…She was mad at herself for picking it instead of a regular PE class like everyone else! She went to the locker room though to change and then headed to the weight room. As she looked around she noticed she was one out of three girls! About 75% of the class were boys...and were all older… “No, this couldn’t be!” She was placed into a PE class with a bunch of older guys! She thought to herself what this would mean…She would have to run, lift weights, and GET SWEATY with a bunch of guys! She started to get dizzy and had to really focus to be able to understand what the teacher was saying. He explained that they were to work out one particular body part. So, she sucked it up and started with her legs. As she was heading over to the machine she noticed there was a dark haired boy in the machine right next to the one she wanted to use. She took in a deep breath and continued. As she sat down he looked up and caught her eye. Her heart immediately began to accelerate and those butterflies that she was able to subside earlier that day returned. The boy then spoke. Krystal’s brain was foggy though and couldn’t understand anything, but the tremendous pounding in her chest that was now throbbing in her ears. She looked at the ground, took in another long breath and told herself to focus! She could then understand what he was saying… “Hey what’s your name?...Mine’s Keith.”

Krystal and Keith dated off and on that whole year, but all too soon Keith graduated and they naturally went separate ways. Keith was headed to Utah for his freshman year of college and Krystal was staying in Vancouver for her Junior year of high school. Keith came home a few times during that first year and they would see each other, but soon the distance put a definite disconnection between them and they didn't see each other again. Well not ever again! During Christmas break Keith's senior year and Krystal's junior year they saw each other at Nordstroms. They talked as if they were long lost acquaintances, but the whole time they were catching up those butterflies that visited Krystal that first year in high school came right back. She left and he was all she could think about...And she decided to do something that was so extremely out of character for her...She called him! To her amazement he was happy that she did....They went out that night and then spent the rest of his visit together...They spent all of his spring break a month later together too...And then when he came home permanently from college they spent all summer together and then have not been able to separate since then!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

{Our Wedding Trailer}

For everyone it is...our wedding trailer! Oh my goodness it is amazing, yet it makes me incredibly sad...I want more! But we have to wait six to seven months or so...Ahhh!

For all {soon-to-be} Brides: Definitely have your wedding professionally filmed! I have always known that I wanted to have a videographer. As a little girl I use to sit cross legged on the floor watching my parent's wedding video over and over. It quite literally was my favorite thing to do! But now that it is over...I am more sure now than ever that it was the best choice we made! The day went by so fast and was such a whirlwind that having everything filmed is so precious!

{Introducing The Talented Nicholas Wilson}

My Brother, Nicholas Wilson quite possibly could be one of the most talented individuals I know! The photography that I am using for my blog was lovingly created by his talented hands! I told him that I had this fabulous ambition to create a guestbook for our wedding using professional pictures and blurb. My amazing brother didn't flinch and replied with lets do it tomorrow! {Oh, how I love him!} Here are the rest of the photos from our book! It was a total hit! If you would like to view more of his work its displayed at Behance Network!

This was at the end...When he had Enough!

{The Beginning...}

On August 29th, 2009 I married the greatest guy in the world and my best friend! I spent the past year completely consumed in wedding planning and most of the time absorbed in wedding blogs! I was going to start one on my own, but by the time I was done stamping, sewing, and embellishing my fingers could not type! Now I have so much free time!... This will now be my outlet for my wedding withdrawls...{Which came almost immediately after saying goodnight to my new husband on our wedding night!} I wish to be able to plan a wedding every year...{So sad that could not come true!} It will also be a place to talk about married life and get out my need to be a little bit cheesy...{So my husband doesn't have to hear it all the time!} Please Enjoy!