Thursday, December 31, 2009

{oh my, oh my, OH MY}

This vintage inspired wedding left me speechless! The Old Hollywood flare is absolutely fabulous and the edit on the photos gives rise to the decade almost to perfection! 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

{precious dreams}

I believe I have always been a mother at heart. From the day I was born I was suppose to be a nurturer. When my baby brother came into our lives, I bolted into the hospital room that my mom and he were sharing and declared I wanted to hold MY BABY...There was no "where's my mommy" or "mommy I have missed you." No that baby that my momma had carried for nine months that I wasnt able to see or hold yet...I wanted him right Now! At home mom would set him on the floor or on the couch and I would follow after her and scoop him up and begin to carry him around the house...Now you have to understand I was not even two yet...So the sight of me, a year and 10 months old, carrying an infant around must have been horrifying!...but she trusted me!...There started my need to nurture. Until the day I can show you a picture of our new little one along with an announcement that we will be parents and I will live out my live long dream of putting all my heart and soul in making someone elses dreams come true...I leave you with the most precious picture I have ever seen! 

{frogs & things & dragonfly wings}

The husband and I have decided to start filling some rooms in our house...with a little cuddly reflection of him and I that smells like heaven!...Yes a baby...Well, we aren't making any huge announcements yet...but a girl's gotta dream...Right?!...a while back I blogged about inspiration for a perfect little princess room...Here are some ideas I have found for the most fabulous little guy's room!



{a fall affair}

Had we gotten married in the fall this is exactly the kind of inspiration that would make rain a perfect accessory for the day! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{what little girls dream of...}

When I was a little girl I spent so much time thinking about what my future wedding would look like that when it came time to actually plan our Big Day for real it was pretty much done! But I found myself searching through wedding and photography blogs one after the other...I was obsessed...As the husband would say!...I just couldn't stop, they were so beautiful and magical...I could have been married in many different places...On a rooftop...In the middle of a field...Under a large Oak tree...In between rows of grape vines...I could have had many different day!...It could have looked like any one of these...

Stay tuned for pictures from our Big Day!