Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{perfect words}

I have become addicted to a dedicated follower of dear baby...melissa is the absolute cutest gal I have ever {not met}...She is so brave...I feel that she has opened her heart to me so much that we could be great friends...In looking back at her previous posts on her life blog I came across this feeling that overwhelms me in the most perfect wording!:

 i outgrew every boy i ever loved

until i found the one who always seemed a little bigger than me.
the one who made the world seem possible.
the one that never felt too small.
too restricted.
too anything.
he was just enough of everything
so i decided to marry him.
with him i found my voice
the means with which to speak to you
to explain to you the girl i am
the way i see the world
the way i want this life to be.
he put sound to the words in my head
life to my imagination
being to my self.
i am the greatest girl i’ve ever been.
right now.
because he helped me learn to speak.

{overwhelming love}

This photo sums up my feelings over the last five months {wow FIVE} completely...In this moment I was so  absolutely in love and so unquestionably overwhelmed by it all! The utter importance of the whole day could not be explained in this box...My heart has been a wanderer my whole life...Leading me into many different directions always with the one and only goal of finding soul mate...the person who sees what I see...I refuse to believe in anything but destiny, fate, karma, serendipity because as a little girl I drew him in my head and I felt him in my took 25 years for my heart to be still and rest awhile...Up until this point I wasn't sure how I could put this down...How I felt and how I feel today looking back at this most amazing day! I'm going to try really hard...I want to be able to show my children the beginning of us {in my eyes, of course!}